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This is a blog about cars in Aberdeen because most people aspire to the convenience of personal motor transport, pay dearly for the privilege, provide much employment, contribute greatly in taxes, and then people expect them to ‘leave the car at home’, while their money is spent creating cycle lanes and the like for freeloading cyclists.

Wednesday 12 January 2011

Enlightened motoring in Broomhill

Mr Cameron's Big Society proceeds apace in Aberdeen "City and Shire". It's great that this spirit of self-empowerment has spread to the hard-pressed drivers of Aberdeen Cars - why should they allow petty officialdom's stupid rules like "red light means stop" stand in their way? They're Busy! They're Important! The Big Society says they can do as they please, dependent upon how important they deem themselves to be. And in this town, the drivers rightly deem themselves to be very important indeed!

In any case, they're definately more important than some automatic petty traffic control robot (the traffic lights.) Gotta get home in time for the Simpsons!

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