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This is a blog about cars in Aberdeen because most people aspire to the convenience of personal motor transport, pay dearly for the privilege, provide much employment, contribute greatly in taxes, and then people expect them to ‘leave the car at home’, while their money is spent creating cycle lanes and the like for freeloading cyclists.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

PaveParker of the Week! SY06ZZN - Grampian Society for the Blind

Congratulations to our PaveParker of the Week - Grampian Society for the Blind's community outreach vehicle Ford Focus Galaxy 1.9 TD Ghia (oooh!) was spotted on Aberdeen's Salisbury Terrace.

You might expect that volunteers for this charity for the visually impaired would be all handwringingly against PaveParking - choosing politically correct pandering to their "clients" over the necessity to get out of the way of the traffic. But, thank goodness that's not the case: Here the driver of Grampian Society for the Blind's Aberdeen Car shows they know that allowing efficient traffic flow will ensure the future of economic growth for Aberdeen "City and Shire" - possibly allowing the creation of yet more Oil Tycoons who might then just maybe donate to the charity as a conscience soothing salve to the insecurity and paranoia which is a price worth paying for riches beyond imagination.

You can see that the volunteer driver knows all about these priorities, he or she has "flipped the wingmirror" (which is cool) on the traffic side so as not to scratch any nice Aberdeen Cars (which would risk rendering them less nice). Conversely, the wingmirror on the pestestrian side remains unflipped. Quite right too! Make them wriggle and squirm past. And Woe Betide Them if they touch your nice car!

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  1. Clearly they are parked so as to ensure that anyone with sight issues would have a large tactice cue (the vehicle) that they were approaching the pavement. This is thoughful, imaginative and a sign of the Big Society at work.

    Have you considered contacting the charity and congratulating them for their selfless actions?